11:30 pm, I was preparing to sleep, as I got a message in my school WhatsApp group. It was Joy(Arnab). 
“I want to go to Digha/Tajpur.”
I said “No Problem, Next Weekend?”
Thus the plan was made, we are going to Tajpur next weekend.


Tajpur, a very common slothful destination for Bengali’s. Most people go there to spend their time in relaxing and just to watch the endless waves crashing in the long golden shore of Tajpur. The shacks on the beach have every need to support your laziness. Lay down in the cradles and enjoy the swing with a sip of chilled beer. In every shack, a large variety of fresh fish and different chicken preparations can be found. Only a few resorts are available so, staying at Tajpur can be a bit of pinch in your pocket and that’s the reason not many visit this place, therefore, its virgin tag is still intact. Like everyone, we were also enjoying with our bottle of beer and fried fish, and suddenly Joy dropped a surprise bomb on us. “Guys I am getting married in the coming week.” We were like “What?” and Joy replied, “I am going through a lot of tension, that’s why I brought you guys here, to have a proper bachelor’s party”. Suddenly our weekend trip got changed into a bachelor party and we were getting emotional about this, it’s like a few days ago when we were in school and now everyone is getting married! Time rolls so fast.


This was our first trip together since we left school. Though I wanted to write this post about Tajpur, but, as I started the things are that came in my mind were something else. Today, I want to talk about friendship. I want to talk about school and school life. I want to talk about nostalgia. I want to talk about my travel mates, my school buddies. 


I do not have many memories left from my initial school days. But, I remember one boy, most evil one in our class, used to beat me a lot and used to steal my lunch most of the days.  You must be thinking I used to get bullied in school by this evil kid. But, In my entire school life, we were inseparable, he had my back covered always. When we were caught smoking in school dress, I was there with him, he got suspended for 1 month, got beaten up by the teachers but, never took my name. The funny part is he still eats my food when we are together and still the bad-ass Satan kinda guy. We grew up together we know each and everything about each other we still fight like school kids and even today he can’t stand any negative word against me. Abhishek, my first friend from school.


We were the cheeky young imps in our class rather in our whole school. We used to lock others in the toilet, jumping out of the balcony, breaking the tube lights and much more. I think it was in class 7 or 8 when a huge boy came into our class, 6 feet tall and weighed over 80-90 kg joined us in the back benches. We also gladly accepted him. Soon our pack of two extended to three. By his entry, we became stronger physically and more ruthless in our criminal activities. All the nearby fruit trees were used to get robbed on a daily basis. We made school bunking an art, we used to sneak out of our class after attendance.  This Jack of all trades boy’s name is Subhendu.


This trip was actually a bachelor trip, which was a surprise till we reached there. Arnab, one of my bestest friend announced his marriage. Arnab(Joy), he is not from my school. I met him when I was in class 11. He is the most callous of our group. He offers his help against all odds and always ready when it is about his friends. I’ve learned many more things from him for example; photography. We call him the ‘Party Animal’ because he is always ready for a party and night outs. I am very happy that he is getting married after all the ups and downs in his life. I wish him a very very successful and love some married life ahead.

Arnab (Joy)

We have another companion with us, and I don’t want to write much about him, cause all the memories I have with him, is about pulling my leg every time. The silent killer, our very own Casanova, Atin. Most sensible and placid guy of our gang. Master in roasting others, me especially. He is very responsible, he took me home every time I got drunk.


As I am writing this I can feel the emotions in my throat everytime I gulp. I actually wanted to write this post about Tajpur but ended up writing about my friends. When we were in school we were the weakest in studies, right now all the other classmates are very successful in their lives. I don’t know where we are in the race of success but, I am definite that we are far ahead in the pursuit of happiness. I don’t miss my school days cause I have all my childhood buddies right here beside me. We still relive in our school days whenever we are together, we still fight for 5-10 rupees, we still roll on the floor and laugh our lungs out remembering the silly things we did in back then. we still call each other by our father’s name and above all, we still don’t reach out to our pockets when its comes to paying a bill.


I know many of the readers will think this is not a T’log, yes, it’s not. But it is still very important to me. I usually write in my post, the places I visit, what I learn from there and the other details. From this trip I may not have learned any new thing, I haven’t met any new people. But, surely I re-lived my school days, I rediscovered the true meaning of friendship. The inseparable friendship of 2 decades. I am proud of my friends and always will be. Cheers ! 🙂 

Travel Guide: 

Nearest Railway Station: Ramnagar. From there motor van will charge around 200-400 depending on the season.
Nearest Bus Stop: Balusahi just after Chaulkhola from Kolkata. You can board a bus from Esplanade and Howrah quite frequent, fare Non-AC 160-200 and AC 280-400.
Accommodation: Very few options, 5-7 resorts are there, a bit far from the beach as well. Tariff starts from 1600 for a double bedroom on an average.

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