Pedong, when I first heard the name, I was like.. what? Where the heck is that? One of my friend told me that we are going towards silk route and that’s our first stop. Silk route was on my bucket list. So, on the day of my project delivery I left for north Bengal. After a hectic journey on RAC tickets we reached NJP, from there It was 3 hours journey but out lousy driver took 6 hours to reach there. I was furious with the driver and with my friends for such mess. But believe me when we first reached at the Damsung resort all of my anger just vanished. I didn’t ever experience anything like this. It was so calm and soothing. It felt like I can touch the clouds with my bare hands. My first feeling was I must settle down here.


The resort had a cozy swing made of ropes. I forgot my hunger , tiredness and I was just slept peacefully there on the swing and kept on swinging slowly.


A corn field was attached to the resort and a small garden with lots of beautiful flowers and an orange tree- triggered the hidden romance in me.


Because of haughtiness of the weather we were not able to witness it though we heard about the majestic view of Kanchenjunga peak from here. But the place was so beautiful, Kanchenjunga hardly was missed by me..It was like a childhood drawing competition scenery. After an hour of my own relaxation there in the garden , I had my lunch and went to get some rest.


When I woke up it was completely dark outside , and It was better than the morning, trust me. Sounds of those cricket , it was hypnotizing. Then I had a wild Idea to take a walk in the night. So, I made a deal with the resort owner to take us for a walk in the pitch dark road , no light so far could be seen. It’s chilling and thrilling at the same time. To be very honest it was quite spooky too. We tried to do a campfire but it was monsoon and sadly we had to drop that idea.


Then we went to a museum which was built by Rakesh and his father. Mr. Rai give as brief of his museum where a lot of historical things were preserved which were used by Rai community in the past, special mention Mr. Rai was in Bangladesh liberation war’71. Rakesh and his wife was in cruise and her daughter represents India in marathon’s. The museum was filled with her models and pictures. 


Later the night became a lot more romantic with a shower and thunderstorms. That night on the balcony the sound of those thunderstorms, the splashes of water and that Bone-shaking cold weather was out of this world and to complete this fairy tail I had my whiskey with me. It was an unforgettable night for me.


By the way for the record, this resort is located just outside of the market area, and it is 22 km away from Kalimpong and 13 km from Rishikhola. You can visit Icche-Gaon , Sillery Gaon, Rishikhola from Pedong.These people are crazy for football and archery.

Its a must visit place for nature lovers and for those who want to spend some cozy and relaxing time with their loved ones.

that’s all for now, see you soon.

NB: I am not a good photographer and I don’t own a professional camera.






  1. Awesome pen-picturization of Pedong. Explored your floral soul mr. Dey. Provide more experiences… i think ur travelling community must make its first trip to Pedong. Good wishes

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