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After a peaceful night at Pedong, we moved forward towards Lungthung, Silk-Route. It was a rainy day. Clouds were everywhere and random light drizzles were our continuous travel companion. We had to stop here and there for bad weather condition, In some places we were unable to see our car’s bonnet even.

Everyone in my team was tensed except me who honestly was  enjoying that scary road trip. At last we reached at zuluk, and as usual we didn’t get any bookings.


So, moved a little forward to a place called Lungthung. They say it’s a small village between Nathang(Ganthang) valley and Zuluk , but It’s just a small home stay and there were only one family.

That was really scary considering the contemporary weather condition, everyone was saying there must be a landslide and we wouldn’t be able to get back to the plains. It got worse when the rain started along with tremendous thunderstorm. I won’t ever forget that horrifying sound of it. It struck just outside of our room, and my portable speaker which was on the charging had its last breath, with that we had to say goodbye to electricity as well. I had never experienced a rain like this in my life. It is worth adding that I had  only one light pull over with me and the temperature was touching 3-4 degree centigrade.To calm myself down I drank 3-4 pegs of whiskey and with that every tension of mine started to disappear. and to fuel to that someone played…

“Amar sara din, meghla akash.. bristi tomake dilam”

With this, it’s started getting magical, suddenly the rain changed its form and the drop became ice. I had witnessed hailstorm many times before  in Kolkata,  but It was completely different as every hail were same size and same shaped and there was not a single drop of water falling  in there.

The girls in my group were so scared that we decided we will stay in one room and I had to drop the idea of getting more drunk. In the evening we had some Piyajis (Onion Pakoras) to match that magnificent weather. Then we started sharing our  paranormal experiences those we have faced with each other  in candle light.

At around 10 pm, finally the electricity came and rain  also stopped.So we filtered our rooms. As I entered my room there was a small window, and the owner of the house said previously, that from that window one can see all the turns of the famous silk route and zuluk as well. Unexpectedly, when I reached that window to shut it down I can clearly see not only the whole Zuluk village but also a glimpse of Bhutan which was rare. You know, that is the magic of hills… only 10 hours ago we were not being able to even see something within 50 meter.

We planed to witness the sun rise , so we had to get up at around 4 am. that why we went to sleep early.

Next day morning we went to the sunrise point and Kupup lake (source of Jaldhaka river). As It was raining yesterday, so I personally didn’t hope to see any sunrise and actually main thing was I didn’t want to wake up that early. But, everyone forced me to wake up at 4.30 am. When we reached at the sunrise point the sun was about to rise and the view of the place was just mesmerizing.



We saw a glimpse of Kanchendzonga from there, we clicked a few snaps and then moved forward to Kupup lake or commonly known as Elephant lake. The lake was surrounded by massive mountains and the weather was pretty dried up there.

Everyone got busy figuring out why it’s called Elephant lake. I went a bit closer to the lake and wanted to go down to the very last from where I can touch the water , but then realized I have to climb up that stiff cliff. So, I stopped at one point and enjoyed the view from there.What I saw from there I can’t really explain, I clicked a few photos from my mobile and you see for yourself.

I am really out of words to explain the beauty of the nature. The whole area was covered by Indian Army camps and bunkers.

Special Mention :

Pedang (She is fond of Motu and Patlu.. So, I became her Patlu.. and we became best friends.. )

be right back soon.


  1. I think u don’t listen to bengali songs much.. the lyrics will be ‘Amar Sarata Din Meghla Akash…’ … i am very curious to know about the paranormal stories which the girls in your team told you… please share those in your next post :)…

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