Me : Do you know any off beat places around Bengal ?

My senior colleague : go to ‘Daringbadi, Kashmir of Orissa’.

Me : please don’t crack a joke, tell me a proper destination.

My senior colleague : go and google it.

And I did, according to google “Cold wave with snowfall continues in Odisha’s Kashmir Daringbadi” … I was like what the F is that place. I picked my phone instantly and called a few of my friends and fixed a date on July 1 within , I think 10 minutes.


Jump to 2nd July morning, and my best friend, my buddy “bad luck” shows up his face again. A general strike was currently going on Daringbadi so no one could enter no one can leave Darinbadi. There are two routes to reach Daringbadi one is 125kms and another is 250kms around via ‘Taptapani’ and all.So, to manage our time we took the 250kms route.


It was really humid so we were not expecting much from a hot and heated region like Orrisa. But, Amazingly as soon as the hills started to show up, it was a whole new world. Wet roads, lush green horizon and that teasing wind. We were stopping here and there just to breathe and take that essence of fresh mud. Ahh! you need to be there to understand that feeling.


At last at around 7 pm we reached Daringbadi, and when our driver said we reached. My reaction was is in it suppose to be at 3000 ft from the sea level ? But never ever had a climb in this 300 km. But, we saw everyone in that town wearing woolen clothes. that means we are reached at Daringbadi. Oh! and on the way, we visited ‘Taptapani’ (a temple with natural hot spring and some very private sculptures) and a Buddhist monastery.


Ok, Now back to Daringbadi. there are two staying options available and if you are going there stay at “Daringbadi Eco Lodge” else your trip going to be a flop one.


In the next morning, I realized why it’s called ‘Orrisa’s Kashmir’, the place is gifted with lush green hills as far as my eye can see. not only it’s includes thick rain forests, pine jungles and wild animals but also fierce waterfalls and lazy streams too. And I can’t also forget the foggy roads with new pictures in each turn.


I remember one place called “Lovers Point” I don’t know why it’s called that, anyways there was a stream flowing in between the rocks. If you sit on those rocks and close your eyes, you can only hear the sound of those crickets and the sound of those floating water. One of my friends perfectly described that moment as “can you hear the sound of the silence?”. It was so calm and silent as well as hypnotizing that we actually fell asleep there for 15-20 minutes.


There are many other awesome places around it like one private emu habitat, and there were a small stream and a waterfall close to it where we had a great fun.


Everyone was saying monsoon is an off-season , come in the winter. Opposing that, my personal experience is you can find greater snow caps in the Himalayas or just to enjoy the winter you can go to any hill station. But, If you want to spend a few days where you want natures to control you, you should visit Daringbadi in the early monsoon time.

If you need any help regarding  this place , feel free to contact me.

see you soon !


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