There are some memories in life which are hard to forget. My trek to the most famous attraction, “Double Decker Root Bridge” was one such journey for me. When I reached Tyrna, the base village which is 20 km from Sohra. The locals said It’s only 3000 steps down and near about 3kms. At that point, I thought It won’t be a hard one. So, I disregarded the firm warning (not to take the sack). I wore my sack and started my journey to the wonderland I’ve always dreamt of.


After climbing the stairs for just 15mins, I realized I was in a big trouble. The stairs were 6 inches in height and about a feet in length, and I was carrying a 10-kilo sack on my back. For future travelers, don’t repeat my mistake! Leave everything behind and take only what’s necessary. In one of the stop, I discovered a very beautiful village with a waterfall next to it, just opposite to the hills but, the fun part was I didn’t know that was our destination.


After almost an hour I reached a small village which I thought was the village with the bridge, but surprisingly it was another 40 min from there. At this stage, I hit a patch of stoned pathway through areca nut trees. At the end of which was a very small board, nailed to a tree indicating the way to the double decker bridge.


The journey from the second village to the middle to the final village is the part which makes the whole hike memorable. After descending through a patch of steps made of stones (not cemented) I came across two hanging bridges over rain-fed rivers. The bridges were made of rusty iron cables repaired and supported with bamboo with some parts held together with steel wires. You start walking and the bridge starts swinging. The water flowing 20-25 feet below made the whole experience fantabulous. I was alone while crossing the bridge and all I could hear were the sounds of the squeaking cables, the water flowing below me, at times I also felt I could hear the wind.


I stopped and looked down at the flowing water and the forest surrounding it. That was the time I actually started enjoying myself. I shook the bridge and it started swinging. I jumped a few times- it swung again. So much fun! I had to cross one more rusty bridge which was actually made up of two parts and even longer than the first one. This one looked to be in a bad shape with more intertwining of old rusty cables supported with bamboo from below.


After 10 mins from there, we reached to a single decker root bridge which was the entrance of Nongriat village (don’t miss the cinnamon tea, yes you’ll find a tea shop and you should try a cup of black tea from there).

img_3289 img_3286To my surprise, our pre-booked Serene Homestay offers with minimum facilities for Rs.400/ per day. There I met the most handsome guy in entire Meghalaya, his name is Franky and his two sisters were equally pretty.

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From there we went to the most awaited and the much talked about Double Decker Root Bridge! I went around staring at the living root bridge, with an awe. Built by the villagers from generation to generation, patiently guiding the roots of the rubber trees across the river with the necessary supports. Two bridges stacked one over the other and one of its kind in the entire world. It’s truly a wonder in itself. I was told it can take up to 50 people at once. This natural bridge is said to be over 200 years old and, like the rest, just gets stronger over time – unlike man-made bridges.

And to complete the picture there was a waterfall! It created a natural pool, you can dive into the divine pool, enjoy a cool and calm natural shower while witnessing the mesmerizing view that nature has to offers. To add to it, there are tiny fishes that will give you a natural pedicure. An experience of a life time which you cannot afford to miss it.

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  1. surprised to see the double decker bridge.. never heard of it.. now it has been added to my bucket list… waiting for your Manali post…

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