“Hello World!!” – to start with, you know , I am not a blogger rather I am a typical tech-savvy man who ended up writing my first post here. So, why am I writing this? I thought of sharing the story of my debut. I am an average guy with the same old boring story where a lot of things happened to me like the common hectic job schedule, getting dumped by girlfriend and blah blah. BORING!! Naturally, I was frustrated with my life, and almost lost all hopes.

It was then, the last December when one of my friend called me on a Christmas Eve. Honestly, I was not in a mood to party and his wishes hardly made that Christmas a Merry one. A tiny chat somehow charged me up while he made a proposal,

“Let’s go somewhere in the New-Year”.

I thought for a few moments and told him – “Sure, Let’s go! But, where? And only two of us?”

He said “I will arrange some guys, and let’s go to North-Bengal”

It was so perfectly imperfect, I can’t tell you- last minutes’ arrangements, unreserved tickets … each and everything was inaccurate. And, I didn’t even know those people I am departing with, apart from my friend. It was really messy!

Yet, that trip taught me something very simple though wonderful. Deep Dey deeply realized that life doesn’t wait for anyone, if you want to live your life the fullest, learn to Love yourself first. Amazingly… I have completed 7 trips till date and I have 2 more to go this year.

Those 7 trips were awfully entertaining leading me to get Addicted. And I want to booze all of you up by that addiction. Guys! It’s a thrust! As Poet averred… “Wonder Thrust”…

See you soon!

PS: this post is written in July’16.

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